Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marriage: month 1

Since the wedding, our lives have been a WHIRLWIND! But in a good way.

August 17, 2013 was the most perfect day. Everyone says weddings are always a blur for the bride, groom, and their families. I would say that's correct. I remember everything. But to put it down in words is so difficult.

We had the best time on our honeymoon. This was also the first time Joseph and I had ever taken a vacation just the two of us. The weather was perfect every day. We took naps on the beach every day. It was the most relaxing week. By the end of it though, we were ready to come home and back to reality. (Of course after a week of reality, I was ready to go back to paradise).

We both took the following Monday off work, so we would have Sunday and Monday to unpack and start getting settled in OUR home. Monday night before we went to bed, Joseph happened to check his work email. One particular subject line caught his eye. It read "Birmingham Office" and was from his boss. They were offering him an opportunity to move to an office in Birmingham starting October 1. We were shocked/ecstatic/confused/sad.

We immediately went to our best friends for prayer covering. This was a decision that would have to be made within a day or two. Fast forward a few weeks and here we are, about to move our lives from Montgomery to Birmingham. Well, really, my life is half and half. I've been commuting to work, staying with friends and family some during the week to save on gas money. THANKFULLY, my job had not offered my position to the person they were going to choose yet.

We feel very confident that this move is the Lord's will for us. Every obstacle we faced was removed with prayerful agreement between Joseph and I that if this was not His plan, doors would be shut. They were opened wider. As I was (stressfully) looking for a place for us to live in Birmingham with Joseph in Montgomery, God was teaching me trust, patience, and dependence on His leading.

We are over the moon excited to really begin our lives as newlyweds in Birmingham! For our first month of marriage, it's still felt like it did when we were dating. I am so ready to have a HOME with my husband and not live out of suitcase half of the week. But while our situation has been less than ideal, we are so blessed for the life we have. God really has been so wonderful to us and truly grown us during this time of transition.

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